Whispy Flats

Whispy Flats

Whispy Flats is a collection of 10 digital brushes for Procreate, allowing you to paint in a "broken paint" style. As you can see in the product image, it perfectly captures the look of a dry, flat paint brush, great for adding texture and atmosphere to any illustration. 

These brushes can be used with a stylus like the Apple Pencil, or your finger! To use with the Apple Pencil, tilt the brush in the direction you wish the stroke to go. To use your finger, drag your finger horizontally on the screen, rotating the image to achieve a different angle. 

This product contains:

  • 10 brushes
  • 3 chalk flats
  • 3 paint flats
  • 3 pastel flats
  • chalk, paint, and pastel each have 3 grain sizes, Coarse, Medium, and Fine. 
  • A bonus charcoal flat brush

The demonstration image was mocked up 100% in Procreate from an original painted background in Samurai Jack.