Oil Paint 2019 (Legacy)


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 Box Artwork by: Arash Razavi instagram.com/sketchbash/

Note: REQUIRES Apple Pencil

Presenting Oil Paint 2019 , our entirely FREE legacy set of oil brushes built from the ground up in Procreate 4.2, taking advantage of the amazing new paint-mixing effects! These feel like butter, so alive and responsive. You really want to play with the pen pressure with these, as they can almost morph along the pressure curve from fine hairy marks to a full paint load. Check out this demonstration gif (sped up 2x):

Oil Paint 2019 Includes:

  • Master Oil 2019 - This is the first brush you see in the gif above, its your general "all-around-freakin'-awesome-brush" for oils. Not too smooth, not too rough... just right :)
  • Streaky Bristle - As the name implies, this is similar to the Master Oil 2019 brush, but its more bristly! If you like "hairy strokes", this will do the trick.
  • Alla Prima Detail - Ooo, this is a good one... make sure to play with the pen pressure! With a light touch you get the faintest strokes of brush hair, capable of beautiful scumbled glazes. With heavier pressure, it becomes a paint mixing dream. Really feels like you're pushing oil around!
  • Fine Tip Sable - Sometimes you need a really small brush for linework, and this will do it! Its a fine line, but has all the color-pushing ability of its bigger sisters.
  • Messy Underpainting - Probably the most "fun" brush in this whole set, its the one creating the big mess near the end of the demonstration above. This shares a lot of the same qualities as the Alla Prima Detail, but its bigger, badder, and crazier! So many uses!
  • Super Wet - Smooth as glass! infuses your painting with super wet watery effects, great for jaw dropping blends and gradients.