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Revamp your digital inking experience with Pro Comic Ink, an exclusive collection of 16 versatile Procreate brushes meticulously curated to bring the tactile feel of traditional inking to your fingertips. Each brush in this set brims with dynamic potential, striking a perfect balance between functionality and creativity, reducing your scrolling time through hundreds of variations.

From the expressive strokes of the Hake Wet brush to the precision of the Engraver Nib, or the innovative transition of the Watery Brush, each tool in Pro Comic Ink opens a new avenue for your artistic exploration. Easy to use and designed to adapt to your style, these brushes are ready to transform your ideas into remarkable works of art. Whether you're sketching, drawing comics, or adding final touches, Pro Comic Ink is your go-to companion for every inking endeavor.


Comes with:

  1. Hake Wet: Simulate the organic feel of traditional hake brushes with the Hake Wet brush. Perfect for broad strokes, textured washes, or filling large areas with a touch of character, this brush is a versatile tool for creating art with depth and personality.

  2. Dry Old Round: The Dry Old Round brush offers a unique blend of precision and chaos, featuring thin, long bristle streaks. Ideal for artists seeking a round brush effect, this tool delivers an element of unpredictability, adding an exciting dimension to your art.

  3. Flat Dry: Like a controlled explosion of creativity, the Flat Dry brush produces rough, chunky streaks of ink. It's perfect for creating bold, dramatic edges and fills with a flair of character and visual interest.

  4. C&H Sable Brush: An ode to Bill Watterson's inking tool for Calvin and Hobbes, the C&H Sable Brush beautifully mimics the subtle tonal shifts and gradations of a real sable brush. This is your ultimate tool for expressive inking, cartooning, and caricatures.

  5. Crisp Comic Pen: Designed for the modern professional comic artist, the Crisp Comic Pen offers sharp edges, expressive line weight, and natural responsiveness. It's a reliable tool for creating art with a balance of precision and fluidity.

  6. Old Nib: The Old Nib brush provides a fine, sharp taper with an organic texture, perfect for adding an emotive line quality to your artwork. It's like drawing with an old nib pen, adding a touch of vintage charm to your creations.

  7. Engraver Nib: Craft intricate details with the Engraver Nib brush. Designed for stability, this brush is your go-to tool for creating long, consistent strokes, perfect for engraving-style illustrations or hatching.

  8. Bleeding Edge: The Bleeding Edge brush lets you mimic the effect of ink soaking into paper, creating softer, diffused lines. This brush adds an organic feel and a touch of unpredictability to your artwork, perfect for stylistic line work.

  9. Tapered Nib: Simplicity meets elegance in the Tapered Nib brush. With a crisp, sharp taper, this brush is a staple tool for when precision is key in your artwork.

  10. Stabilized Dynamic Liner: Crafted for steady, clean lines, the Stabilized Dynamic Liner allows you to control line weight with pressure. It's an ideal tool for clean work and precision detailing.

  11. Stabilized Monoline: The Stabilized Monoline brush offers a unique "mono line" weight, perfect for achieving a consistent stroke width. A fun tool for artists seeking a quirky, "Adventure Time" effect in their artwork.

  12. Watery Brush: Experience a unique blend of ink and watercolor effects with the Watery Brush. Apply pressure to transition from a normal ink line to a watery brush stroke, adding a dynamic touch to your art.

  13. Low Ink: Mimic the effect of a low-ink felt tip pen with the Low Ink brush. Perfect for shading and sketching, this brush produces wispy lines and beautiful textures, adding a unique grit to your sketches.

  14. Fountain: The Fountain brush blooms under pressure, creating big, diffuse strokes. It's your ideal tool for expressive finishing strokes, adding a flourish to your artwork.

  15. Dry Felt Pen: With its dry ink effect, the Dry Felt Pen brush offers a texture between a pen and a charcoal. This brush is perfect for sketching, capturing the essence of your subject with a unique gritty quality.

  16. Wedge Pen: The Wedge Pen brush, with its unique "brick" shape, is perfect for creating hard lines and corners. A valuable tool for architectural drawings, graphic design, or ideation sketching, it adds a unique boxy gesture to your artwork.

Procreate 5 is here, and its amazing! You can now install a LOT of brushes at once using the new Files app in iOS 11. We recommend backing up your purchase using an iCloud account (its free), or syncing them to Files with iTunes. 

First things first... USE SAFARI on iPad!

Also make sure you open the link in the full Safari app (it must be Safari, no other browser will work), as the side-loaded one that gmail/other email apps use won’t work.

Note: Brush files end in *.brushset 

Once you click the file name/download button, a blue arrow in a circle should appear in the top right corner of Safari. This is the "downloads" area. Tap this icon and you should see your download appear in a list like so:

Simply tap the file and it should automatically open in Procreate. Depending on if you've performed this before, it may ask you what you want to do with the file after tapping it, in which case you would simply find the Procreate icon and send it there. 

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