Real Ink

This is Real Ink, a collection of grungy, gritty, authentic, REAL ink transfers, smears, and textures for both Procreate and Affinity Photo/Designer (purchased separately). A staple of graphic designers and illustrators for decades, we utilized dozens of techniques to give you as much variety as possible. You can now add an immense wealth of character and professionalism to your Procreate projects with Real Ink.

For Procreate: Comes with 30 individual brushes! Import seamlessly as one brush set file!

For Affinity Photo/Designer: The same content as Real Ink Procreate, but condensed into 6 MEGA BRUSHES!

Whats a MEGA BRUSH? Affinity designer has an amazing feature allowing you to combine multiple marks into a single stroke for ultimate natural feel and look. So its all 30 individual marks condensed down into 6 seamless brush experiences. It's really something!

As usual, we always use the highest quality materials. After scanning in SUPER high resolution, we carefully separated the marks from the paper with the utmost care for preserving the detailed nuance in each image.

Here is an example of combining some of the marks to create a custom texture:


Here are some examples of individual brushes. You can drag your finger/stylus (they are pressure sensitive to control size, you can get some great results that way) on the screen to create a unique shape for each brush, or can simply tap to apply the mark.

Remember, variety is key! Use a different brush every couple of strokes/taps, and be rewarded with your own unique creation :-)


You'll need Procreate 4 to take advantage of all the brush features, and preferably an Apple Pencil for the pressure sensitive brushes.