Sketch Pencils

Sketch Pencils

 Box Artwork by: Ethan Kiteck

Tip Top Sketch Pencils is an exciting new collection of pencil brushes for Procreate, made possible with new technology in the Procreate brush engine to deliver very realistic and convincing strokes. With Sketch Pencils, you can now achieve the elusive "sketched" look which previously was very challenging! No more! :P

Sketch Pencils is the PERFECT complement to any Procreate project requiring pencil, and to any users pencil brush collection. Includes 6 unique brushes! Pairs wonderfully with Pencils and Color Pencils!


Sketch Pencils includes:

Realistic Pencil Brushes: Pencils are perhaps THE MOST challenging brushes to develop, as they have a very simply but iconic look, and most people have been using them since childhood. It's all in the detail. You want a pencil to be responsive, and behave realistically, with natural breaks in the line indicating the lead skipping along the microscopic texture of the paper. 

We've created 6 unique pencil brushes each with their own individual personality.

  • Hard Mechanical: Has a very sharp, precise, crisp line with heavy breaks and skips in each stroke.
  • Hard Small Lead: Simulates a hard lead that could maybe use some "sharpening" indicated by the occasional thin whisps and breaks. 
  • Overworked: A very unique entry, this one looks like you've been drawing and erasing repeatedly and smudging with the side of your hand. Perfect for selling a worn, "overworked" look characteristic of sketches.
  • Soft Blunt: A darker, thicker, heavier line that retains a gentle and soft stroke, as if it was made on a soft pad of paper.
  • Scratchy 2B: This brush is EXCELLENT for "scumbling" in messy and loose sketches, perfect for creative sketching and ideation. 
  • Big Fat Vine Stick: Thick, broad and soft strokes best used for dominant heavy lines. Has a wonderful built in texture, I love the unpredictable way the "lead" goes down, with lots of happy accidents :-)

You'll need Procreate 4 to take advantage of all the brush features, and preferably an Apple Pencil for the pressure sensitive brushes.