Markers for Procreate

Markers for Procreate

Artwork by: TOGETHER: Words+Pictures for Art & Culture

Markers for Procreate is a brand new collection of 10 marker brushes for Procreate on iPad. Maximum effort has gone into each brush, to ensure they feel natural, smooth, and behave just like you expect them to, with no aliasing or other unwanted artifacts. All of the marks were made with authentic Copic markers.

"Swear to God I thought I could smell Copic ink!" - Alan Brown

Markers for Procreate includes:

  • [NEW Free Update] Real Marks - A bit of a signature of ours, we love bringing you real, authentic marks in each medium! these are great for adding in as accents to really sell the marker look. 
  • Glaze Wedge - Classic wedge-shaped, pressure-sensitive opacity control allows you to build up colorful glazes for rich and vibrant effects. We sampled an actual Copic marker wedge tip, and set the default size to match a real Copic marker at screen-size resolution. To get the dark ends so characteristic of markers, try rocking the brush back and forth quickly before and after your stroke as in the image below. You can see how they layer and make new colors!
  • Glaze Brush - Copic markers have tips on both sides: a wedge shape side, and a brush tip. This is the brush tip side. It is essentially the same as the wedge brush, but as you can see, has more of a traditional stroke. Pressure controls size, but you can change it to control opacity if you wish.
  • Staining Wedge - Some pigments are "staining" such as Ultramarine blue, Pthalo blue etc. These are more opaque, and less translucent. I felt it was important to have brushes to reflect both properties of these pigments. hence the "staining" brushes. These are excellent for more bold and confident strokes with rich and vibrant color. Pressure controls opacity.
  • Staining Brush - This is the same as the Glaze Brush, but with the previously mentioned staining properties. Pressure controls size.

You'll need the latest version of procreate to take advantage of all the brush features, and preferably an Apple Pencil for the pressure sensitive brushes.