Dabby Sponges

Dabby Sponges

  • $9.99

Dabby Sponges is a collection of 8 digital brushes for Procreate, allowing you to paint in the style of traditional animation, concept art etc. As you can see in the product image, it perfectly captures the organic look of dabbing sponges for texture, great for adding texture and life to any illustration.

These brushes can be used with a stylus like the Apple Pencil, or your finger! To use with the Apple Pencil, simply apply pressure to control opacity/transparency, and the "brush size" slider to control grain size. You can also "tap" the screen to use these brushes as stamps for a more controlled application of the texture!

This product contains:

  • 8x brushes total
  • "Detail Brush" An awesome brush for getting super specific with a nice fat sponge grain texture, a perfect all-rounder for coloring.
  • "Detail PS" A pressure-sensitive version of the detail brush, but keeps more tooth in the grain pattern, making it more of a careful texture brush.
  • "Fat Grain" This is a large grain version of the Main Squeeze, perfect for when you really want to exagerate the effects of this set.
  • "Main Squeeze" a great, general sponge brush with excellent texture and edge grain.
  • "Denser Main" A more densely concentrated version of Main Squeeze, good for when you need to fill in areas but want to retain texture throughout.
  • "Med Squeeze" a more medium grain.
  • "Colorist" a very dense center, ideal for coloring in "flats", but retaining a nice grain on the edge of the brush.
  • "Fine Splat" a very fine spray-type sponge, with a very lightly concentrated grain. 

The demonstration image was mocked up 100% in Procreate from an original hand-painted animation background (art lozzi)