Watercolor Sketching

Watercolor Sketching

Please note Procreate users! Procreate 4.1 and above is required to use these brushes.

Tip Top Watercolor Sketching is a set of 11 brushes designed for easy and efficient plein air painting and journaling. This set is unique as the brushes are less "stamp-like" and more responsive and painterly. While this set is less geared towards fully realistic watercolor rendering, basic painting and coloring with these is a joy!

These watercolor brushes have a very light quality to them, great for subtle hints of color like a gentle watercolor wash in a sketchbook.

As a bonus, we've also included two brand new sketching pens that pair very well with the watercolor brushes, for a very authentic plein air look.

Landscape painting by R.J. Peña

Included are 11 brushes:


Bloom Textural: This brush has a nice star-shaped bloom, great for adding fringe effects and edge control.

Detail Coloring Brushes: These are more catered to color/shading tiny areas.

Hard Edges: Really nice for adding bold and hard watercolor edges, and building up a silhouette.

Large Light Wash: For when you want to cover a large area quickly, but with subtlety.

Natural Sketch Pen: This sketching pen emulates a good linework pen capable of small degrees of varying opacity, great for a natural look and plein air.

Smooth Sketch Pen: More of a solid line inker, for when you don't need such an expressive line.

Soft Color: One of our favorites, this one has a great texture to it, is relatively small in size so capable of covering a wide variety of uses.

Soft Color Light: A similar brush to the one above, but even more soft and light.

Solid Color: Less textural, but better for building up color and forms.

Very Watery: The lightest brush of all! Gently touch your image with soft color.

Procreate 4.1 is required to use these brushes, and preferably an Apple Pencil for the pressure sensitive brushes.