Ballpoint Pens


Tip Top Ballpoint Pens is a set of super fun and expressive Ballpoint pen brushes for Procreate! These are absolutely wonderful for creating expressive, natural-looking sketches and illustrations with that ballpoint feel.

We analyzed REAL strokes made with different ballpoint pens and were able to re-create the magic inside of Procreate! The brushes are pressure sensitive, and react in many different ways to speed and pressure. We also tossed in a few real scribble marks as a bonus :-), which can really save your forearms! 

Check out the video at the top for a live demonstration of the brushes! Here's a detail shot of the artwork:

Included are 12 brushes:


7x Pressure-sensitive Ink brushes: Each brush has unique properties, with names such as "Super Low Ink", "Fat Boy", "Split Dry", "Classic Rollerball" and more.

5x Scribble brushes: These come in really handy when you need to fill large areas with pen! All while keeping a natural, realistic look.  

You'll need Procreate 4 to take advantage of all the brush features, and preferably an Apple Pencil for the pressure sensitive brushes. 

Procreate 5 is here, and its amazing! You can now install a LOT of brushes at once using the new Files app in iOS 11. We recommend backing up your purchase using an iCloud account (its free), or syncing them to Files with iTunes. 

First things first... USE SAFARI on iPad!

Also make sure you open the link in the full Safari app (it must be Safari, no other browser will work), as the side-loaded one that gmail/other email apps use won’t work.

Note: Brush files end in *.brushset 

Once you click the file name/download button, a blue arrow in a circle should appear in the top right corner of Safari. This is the "downloads" area. Tap this icon and you should see your download appear in a list like so:

Simply tap the file and it should automatically open in Procreate. Depending on if you've performed this before, it may ask you what you want to do with the file after tapping it, in which case you would simply find the Procreate icon and send it there. 

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