Mixer Brushes

Mixer Brushes

Tip Top Mixer Brushes let you create realistic, beautiful textures with perfect color harmony! Simply plop down some colors you'd like to mix up, give a few careful taps with a mixer brush and BAM! Beautiful textures, perfect for creating realistic under-paintings like in oil or acrylic.

Also includes a "smudge color mixer" which lets you mix colors together to create beautifully balanced color harmonies, just like with real paint! Includes 7 brushes!

Mixer Brushes includes:

Smudge Color Mixer: This is a simple yet effective brush, designed to be used with the "smudge" setting. With it, you can mix colors together just like stirring up paint! This tool is essential for creating beautiful color harmonies and "color strings". 

Mixer Brushes: The bell of the ball! As you can see in the video, simply plop down some colors together and with a few careful strokes you can achieve beautiful, colorful textures. Here are some examples of the 6 Mixer brushes:

You'll need Procreate 4 to take advantage of all the brush features, and preferably an Apple Pencil for the pressure sensitive brushes.