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Note: REQUIRES Apple Pencil

Introducing our latest flagship oil brushes, Oil Paint 2021! Mix colors realistically, experience dynamic and professional-grade handling, and get painting faster than ever before. This set was designed with all 3 Procreate tools in mind - Painting, Smudging, and Erasing. All the brushes work with each tool, and it's worth exploring their unique behavior with different tools.

I find it yields a really convincing "oil" effect to use all 3 tools, for example depositing color with the paint brush, smudging some tones together with the smudge tool, and defining edges with the eraser tool (when using layers) for a really sharp painterly-look. Here's a detail shot of an area with all 3 tools in use:

The brushes:

  • Dry Painter - Good all-around rough paint brush, a light touch will "stir the pigment" a bit, leaving lots of little frays everywhere. Good for adding expressive marks at later stages in the painting.
  • Wet Painter - Like the Dry Painter, but much "wetter" with a more consistent stroke.
  • Fineliner Wet - A thin line for drawing and depositing small areas of color/detail, with a wet paint effect.
  • Fineliner Dry - Like the Fineliner Wet, but with a more dry and broken stroke, nice for broken paint effects and whispy fragile lines like telephone wires/hair pieces/grasses etc.
  • Soft Wet - This brush is absolutely soaked in paint, the wettest of the bunch. Great for a fluid/wet paint mixing look, I find it useful for dropping in dabs of wet paint.
  • Flat Wide - A flat wash brush, useful for contouring, adding directionality and broad strokes.
  • Canvas Bristle - I find this brush most useful for smudging. Because it's so blocky and rotation follows your stroke, it's extremely dynamic when "scumbling" with the smudge tool and works great for blending tones together with an expressive canvas effect left behind.
  • Dry Brush Blender - Like the Canvas Bristle I find this most useful for smudging, but works well with the paint brush tool as well. Most useful for lightly feathering/contouring tones.
  • Canvas - For adding a broken canvas texture to areas of flat/boring colors. Works great as a smudger, but you can use it with the paint tool and some heavy pressure to lay down colors of your choice (within a mix of nearby sampled colors)
  • Paint Noise - Adds visual interest with a worked-over painterly texture to flat boring areas.
  • Rake - A 4-pronged rake brush for adding some lines. More of a bonus effect, but I find it helpful for adding extra expression and visual interest.
  • Lines Texture - Bonus effect, more of a concept art/graphic design element for adding visual interest and breaking up shapes.
  • Dots Texture - Bonus effect like the Lines Texture, but dots!

Smudge Photos Into Paintings

While these are amazing oil painting brushes, they've also been designed from the ground up to work equally-well as Smudge tool brushes! As you can see in the gif below, these brushes are GREAT for integrating photos into your artwork aka "photobashing". Simply select your brushes with the Smudge tool, and begin moving the pigment around in the image, lending a painterly touch. 


Some tips for photo smudging:

  • Start with a small brush, so that you can simplify small areas of color/value but keep detail.
  • The idea is to simplify your image, without blurring.
  • Lift your pen whenever you move to a new tone.
  • Try to begin your smudge from the center of the tones you're simplifying. For example, you can exaggerate a small white highlight by first touching your pen to the center of the area, and gently stirring the pigment around.
  • Edges! To get a painterly look, give your subject expressive edges by using the eraser tool or the smudge tool. I really love the Canvas Bristle for this purpose, as well as the Rake special effect brush.
  • Do you have any big flat areas of color? Use the "paint noise" brush, sample a slightly lighter color and scumble in painterly texture to break up the flatness.
  • The liquify tool is your friend! Use "Edge" mode in the Liquify tool to add back definition to lines, and use Push and Twirl to add a liquid effect.

Procreate 5 is here, and its amazing! You can now install a LOT of brushes at once using the new Files app in iOS 11. We recommend backing up your purchase using an iCloud account (its free), or syncing them to Files with iTunes. 

First things first... USE SAFARI on iPad!

Also make sure you open the link in the full Safari app (it must be Safari, no other browser will work), as the side-loaded one that gmail/other email apps use won’t work.

Note: Brush files end in *.brushset 

Once you click the file name/download button, a blue arrow in a circle should appear in the top right corner of Safari. This is the "downloads" area. Tap this icon and you should see your download appear in a list like so:

Simply tap the file and it should automatically open in Procreate. Depending on if you've performed this before, it may ask you what you want to do with the file after tapping it, in which case you would simply find the Procreate icon and send it there. 

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