Master Ink

Master Ink


Tip Top Master Ink is our new flagship collection of core inking brushes. It includes a variety of 7 brushes, emulating the style of sable brushes and dip pens with natural whisps and occasional line breaks just like the real thing. 

We analyzed REAL strokes made with sable ink brushes and dip pens, and re-created them as closely as possible in Procreate, leading to a truly realistic inking experience for illustrators, cartoonists, and fine artists. 

Check out the video at the top for a live demonstration of the brushes! Here's a detail shot of the artwork:

Included are 7 brushes:


7x Pressure-sensitive Ink brushes: Each brush has unique properties, with names such as "Wedge Pen", "Comic Inker", "Dry Sable", "Old Faithful" and more.

You'll need Procreate 4 to take advantage of all the brush features, and preferably an Apple Pencil for the pressure sensitive brushes.