Master Color

Master Color

Master Color is a brand new collection of 11 hand-made color palettes for Procreate on iPad, built from some of the most famous and revered paintings in history. Quickly and easily paint with realistic, traditional color palettes designed by the old masters themselves. Take your digital art to the next level with these proven color combinations! 

Each Procreate Swatches file comes with a corresponding JPEG image to use with other platforms like Photoshop, as the example below shows:

Master Color includes:

  • 11 Swatches files, which import directly into Procreate to be used right away
  • 11 Corresponding JPEG images with the paintings, and a guide explaining the palette.
  • Paintings by Monet, Schmid, Sargent, Rembrandt, and Turner.

The swatches are organized Warm / Cool tones on the left and right, and each row corresponds to dark, midtone, and light values for instant expert color decisions.