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Gouache 2019

Artwork by: Dean Stuart
Note: REQUIRES Apple Pencil

We are very proud to release Gouache 2019 for Procreate, a collection of painterly gouache brushes designed to feel responsive and painterly just like real gouache. These feel like real paint as you fluidly push color around the canvas with realistic paint-mixing effects. These are must-haves for any illustrator and fine artist on the go, and pair beautifully with the Apple Pencil. 

As with all our products, we fully believe these are the absolute best gouache brushes for Procreate to-date. Don't take our word for it, check out this demonstration gif (sped up 2x):

Gouache 2019 Includes:

  • Gouache Gold - This is my favorite of the set. Its easy to draw and paint with for gestures and dry brush detail, and It has a quick feel to it, making it very expressive. 
  • Bristle 1 - This brush is super nice for blocking in large areas of color, as well as layering bristly/hairy layers of color for gob-smacking effects painterly effects. These brushes are very unique as the bristle patterns NEVER repeat, they feel very organic and lend themselves to happy gouache accidents :-)
  • Bristle 2 - I felt it was important to include two bristle brushes, one for large blocking in, and one with a slightly different look that's capable of finer, smaller work. They pair beautifully!
  • Round - Less bristly, more thick and opaque, a bit of a smoother/fluid feel with a bit stronger paint mix effect. This is right up there with the Gouache Gold as an all-around favorite and flexible go-to brush.
  • Round Extra Wet - This one is extra special!! It may not seem like it at first, but you can slowly drag it around while apply pressure to get these GORGEOUS watery blends, and I absolutely love it for creating under paintings.
  • Gouache Liner - As usual we try to include a brush for doing fine lines that is cohesive with the whole set, and this brush works great for small detail and linework while occasionally showing off its watery gouache roots. 

Here's some detail shots from the fantastic art provided by Dean Stuart:

Procreate 4 is here, and its amazing! You can now install a LOT of brushes at once using the new Files app in iOS 11. We recommend backing up your purchase using an iCloud account (its free), or syncing them to Files with iTunes. 

First things first... USE SAFARI on iPad!

Also make sure you open the link in the full Safari app (it must be Safari, no other browser will work), as the side-loaded one gmail/other email apps use won’t work.

Tip Top Brush sets use the new "Brushset" file format made available in Procreate 4.2+. This is great! You can now load brushes with one single file. Once you've completed your purchase, select the blue button "access digital content" and you will be presented with a list of your purchased brush sets.

If it ends in *.brushset, it is the file you want (color swatches go in the swatches menu.)

1. Using Safari on iPad, tap the file and wait for it download (might take a few minutes if you have a slow collection, the brushes often use high resolution textures). Most sets are around 30MB, but it tells you next to the file name. Please make sure once you click the brush file name you give it long enough to download, especially if you have a slower internet connection. Once you click the link it will begin loading another page, but it won’t look like much is happening until it’s done.

2. Now select "Open in Procreate". Done! The set can be found as a new group in the brushes menu.