Watercolor Swatches

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The 5th freebie of 2017 is Watercolor Swatches, a set of 5 Procreate color swatches sampled directly from real, high-quality watercolor gradients.

Digital color is amazing, but it can be challenging to know exactly how colors would mingle and react to each other in real life. This is where sampled color palettes come in super handy!

Color is highly psychological, and transitions don't happen perfectly smooth like we expect them to. Across a real gradient, saturation can increase/decrease, lightness and hue too, completely variable every step of the way. With these sampled palettes, you can take the guesswork out of the equation.

These color swatches pair beautifully with Tip Top Watercolor, as you might expect :)


Tip Top Watercolor Swatches includes:

  • Lavender and Red - Soft, delicate purples transition to a warm red.
  • Blue and Yellow - Warm, almost cerulean blue transitioning through warm and cool greens to arrive at a soft yellow. 
  • Rose and Sand - A deep, rich red transitioning through light warm pinks to gentle sand color. 
  • Cyan and Orange - Ocean colors, a greenish-blue transitioning to warm sand orange.
  • Blue and Green - Vibrant, warm and cool greens.
  • Creamiscle - Kind of a bonus, rich red red transitioning through pinks and yellow to deep orange.


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