Mixer Brushes for Procreate 4

Posted by Spencer Nunamaker on

I'm very excited to share with you my favorite new thing in Procreate 4 (nothing is final yet, until its out of beta!) COLOR MIXING! And out of that, has come two very fun brushes I call Mixer Brushes, which are used with the Smudge tool. 

**Please be aware, these will only work properly in the new Procreate 4, or Procreate 4 Beta"**

Starting a painting, and want a really cool under-painting/texture to build on, with perfect color harmony? Or just want to mix a string of colors that all work harmoniously with each other? Plop down some color on your canvas, have a few creative jabs with one of these Mixer Brushes and boom! Instant, beautiful colors with HUGE variation. 

Included are two brushes, one with a bit more WOW, and another softer, more subtle mixer.

These are now part of the Freebies Bundle.

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