Crayon Scribbles

Posted by Spencer Nunamaker on

The 4th freebie of 2017 is Crayon Scribbles, a brand new free set of 3 child like, authentic-looking crayon scribbles for Procreate on iPad. Designed to have an organic real-world feel, the lines have tons of character and are indistinguishable from real scribbles on paper. great for children's books and design!


Tip Top Crayon Scribbles includes:

  • Crayon Scribbles 1 - This is a very loose, direction-changing scribble pattern, great for layering colors (which I highly recommend). 
  • Crayon Scribbles 2 - This one is a bit more dense and 'whispy' looking, great for creating an overall crayon 'texture'. 
  • Crayon Scribbles 3 - This one is unique as it has straight lines, which when painted in have a cross-hatched feeling to them. 


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  • Thanks so much for these brushes and swatches.. I really appreciate the gift!

    Sheila Hudson on

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